Apache Pulsar with ease.

Get visibility into Apache Pulsar and supercharge your developer experience.

Streamvisor dashboard

Are you spending a lot of time babysitting Pulsar?

We know you don't want to be:

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Overwhelmed by an increasingly complex system
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Lacking confidence in your streaming infrastructure
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Bombarded with requests from your organization

We developed Streamvisor to help you regain productivity.

We help you to:

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Get back control and insight over your clusters
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Focus on delivering business value
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Empower other teammates - be a hero!

Simple, yet powerful features


Gain insight into your event-driven architecture without needing Pulsar knowledge.

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View and filter messages
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Monitor key metrics
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Access multiple environments
Streamvisor message browsing
Streamvisor schema management


Accelerate application deployment with a scalable, checked and structured Pulsar environment, reducing time-to-production.

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Manage resources and enforce schemas
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Troubleshoot consumers & producers
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Deploy connectors hassle-free


Protect your company data and prevent information security concerns by implementing granular access controls.

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Control data access (RBAC)
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Anonymize data for compliance
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Reference credentials through secret providers
Streamvisor data masking

Install in 5 minutes

Get instant insights in just three simple steps


Pick your plan

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Helm install

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Connect Pulsar

Enter your service URL

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Zero changes to Pulsar,
No lock-in, No telemetry

Streamvisor seamlessly integrates into your existing architecture without requiring changes to Pulsar. All of your data stays yours and Pulsar can be managed independently of Streamvisor.

Made for

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Accelerate your product development.

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Discover and visualize data flows
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Consume and produce data
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Manage subscriptions
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Platform Engineers

Operate and scale your infrastructure easily.

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Get key metrics at a glance
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Administrate configurations and schemas
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Secure applications with data governance

What our users say

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“Devs are very happy they can browse messages and quickly make changes.”

Quentin Zmiro
infinitic logo

“Streamvisor helps us to effortlessly navigate through topics' topology, monitor subscriptions, manage consumers, and fine-tune internal settings. It's so much better than Pulsar Manager.”

Gilles Barbier
chemi logo

“Great UX and easy to set up. In no time Streamvisor gave us a good overview of our clusters.”

Lars Wenning

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