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Streamvisor for Apache Pulsar 2.0 Release

Alexander Preuß
May 8, 2024

We are excited to unveil the new Streamvisor 2.0 release!

Listening to our users, this release focuses on even further integrating Streamvisor into your organization. Let's take a look at the latest changes!

Single Sign On (SSO) using OAuth 2.0

Gone are the days of setting up accounts for every user in your organization!

Streamvisor now allows you to sign in your users through an identity provider.

Whether you're using Google, Keycloak, or some other IdP - Streamvisor integrates with any provider that supports OIDC (OAuth 2.0).

SSO is available in Streamvisor Enterprise edition.

External Group Mapping

Managing user permissions has never been easier.

Using external group mapping, Streamvisor integrates with your identity provider to inherit group permissions.

With a mapping from your IdP groups to Streamvisor groups, you can now manage group membership upstream with your IdP as the single source of truth.

Upon login, users automatically inherit the group permissions and are added or removed from Streamvisor groups if their membership in the IdP has changed.

External group mapping is available in Streamvisor Enterprise edition.

PostgreSQL Support

Streamvisor persistence gets a lot simpler.

Many organizations already run a PostgreSQL instance and would like to avoid storing Streamvisor data separately in another place.

With this release we are adding PostgreSQL as a persistence backend, allowing you to store data in your existing infrastructure.

Improved Environment Configuration

We have made some improvements to configuring your Pulsar connections.

You can now use multi-broker strings when adding an environment.

Furthermore, in addition to PEM, configuring TLS is now also possible using the TrustStore approach.

Try it out!

We have a free community version available for you to try right now. Head over here and give it a try!

Enterprise features are available to paid customers only. If you are interested in scheduling a demo, please leave us a message.

For the full list of changes in this release, please check out the release notes.