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Streamvisor for Apache Pulsar 1.0 Release

Alexander Preuß
November 3, 2023

We are super excited to announce the first release of Streamvisor v1.0!

As companies adopt Apache Pulsar as a core technology for their event-driven architectures, tooling for discoverability, troubleshooting and administration becomes a necessity. Like many open source projects, Apache Pulsar is lacking actual enterprise-ready management tools with professional support and a dedicated team behind them. Thus we set out to introduce Streamvisor as the first enterprise-grade Apache Pulsar management platform. Let's see what Streamvisor offers!

Explore topologies

Streamvisor offers unmatched visibility into your Pulsar topology. Using our explorer you can quickly get an overview of your cluster's resources, as well as drill down into tenants, namespaces and topics to fully understand the flow of your data.

Streamvisor Explorer

Monitor topics

Once you browse to a topic, you gain instant access to detailed information about it, including key metrics like throughput, retention and long running process status. This makes it easy to identify any issues and optimize your streams for peak performance.

Streamvisor Topic Overview

Manage schemas

Data contracts are key for any organization and thus managing schemas becomes an important task. With Streamvisor, you can easily view, create and edit schemas, ensuring consistency and compatibility across your applications.

Streamvisor Schema Management

Browse messages

Viewing messages has never been easier. Streamvisor's user-friendly UI let's you easily search and filter for messages in a topic. Of course, figuring out why a certain message breaks your application when all you have is the raw message bytes can be painful - that's why we automatically deserialize message values for you, no matter if you're sending plain old text, json or AVRO records.

Streamvisor Message Browser

Produce messages

You know that feeling: "pulsar-client produce -m -s", what was it again?? Enough fiddling around with CLI tools or having to write scripts just to get some test data into your topics. The Streamvisor message browser allows you to effortlessly send messages to a Pulsar topic. And it get's even better: the autogenerate button creates valid fake data for whatever schema your topic messages have.

Streamvisor Message Producer

Try it now!

All the above features and many more are now available with Streamvisor v1.0. We are excited to offer a comprehensive solution that empowers you streamline your data processing with ease.

What's even better? We have a free community version available for you to try right now. Head over here and give it a try!

If you have any feedback or requests please contact us and we will get in touch.